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Lizette is a physiotherapist with a master’s degree in Sport and a special interest in Women & Men’s health, chronic pelvic pain, and general Physiotherapy. She has been in private practice for 20 years.


    • BHF Practice number: 7236158
    • M Phys T Sport (UP) | B Phys T (UP)
    • Certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy
    • General Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Pelvic Pain and Women’s Health

    Lizette’s focuses on her patients as a whole with specific emphasis on how the different phases a woman moves through in their lives and the effects on their physical and emotional well-being. By going on this journey, Lizette has realised that the emotional component that any women deal with in their lives can often manifest as physical pain and she endures to get to the root of the cause and help resolve the pain and discomfort her patients feel.

    She focuses on education, treatments, and exercise programmes and recently started a post-natal exercise programme for mothers who want to get back to their sport post pregnancy.

    Member of:

    • PWHPG and Pain Management Groups of the South African Society of Physiotherapy
    • Durbanville Pelvic Floor Unit
    • Member of The My Sexual Health Team
    • Member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association


Dr Louise Lindenberg runs an integrative medical practice in Durbanville, Cape Town. She incorporates dietary intervention, supplementation, nutrition, phytotherapy/herbal medicine, and allopathic medicine in a holistic health care environment. Her passion is working with children on the Autistic Spectrum, including Autism, PDD, ADD, ADHD and behavioural problems.

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