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Dr Lindenberg runs an Integrative Medical Practice focusing on the treatment of ADD, ADHD, autism, developmental – and developmental disorders in children. She is currently doing research in the field of biomedicine, trying to develop an understanding of the different groups seen in autism according to testing. Due to her specialised knowledge, she is a sought-after speaker who addresses other medical professionals, teachers and parents on various topics relating to autism.

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MB ChB Stellenbosch, 1986
MF Hom, UK, 1998

Prof Tony Attwood Master Class: Johannesburg 2017
MAPS conference and training 2016, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
MAPS conference and training October 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA
Mentorship dr. Julie Buckley (Paediatrician & DAN! Physician, USA) Cape Town July 2011
Mentorship dr. Julie Buckley (Paediatrician & DAN! Physician, USA) Jacksonville, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia 2009
Defeat Autism Now! Physician’s Training, April 2009, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Mentorship dr. Jeff Bradstreet (M.D., DAN! Physician & researcher, USA)  July2009 Cape Town
Mentorship dr. Julie Buckley (Paediatrician & DAN! Physician, USA) 2008 Pretoria
Defeat Autism Now! Physician’s Training, April 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Oprah Magazine South Africa:

Medical Opinion 2008

Medical Opinion February 2009

Peer-reviewed Article:

Child Health Magazine: Co-author Autism Review Article: Of Rain men and Snowcakes 2008 (Autism Review)

RSG various:

Johan Rademan (Homeopathy) 1999

Johan Rademan (Natural Medicine) 2000

Anthea Warner (Natural Medicine) 2008

Freek Robinson (Autism) 2009

Johan Rademan (Autism) 2010

Johan Rademan (Autism Month) March 2011

Bush Radio(Autism) 2009

Chai Fm (Autism) April 2011

FM1 Radio 2017 (Autism, ADHD)

e-TV: Great Expectations (Autism) 2009

SABC3: 3Talk with Noeleen (Autism) 2010

Special Assignment (Autism therapies) 2016

Carte Blanche (Exposing Chlorine Dioxide use in Autism) 2016

Western Cape Paediatric Practitioners Group August 2020 (We have the diagnosis – What follows?)

Reuterina Summit October 2019 (What is Autism)

Ethan Project Workshop July 2019 (What is Autism)

South African Conference for Integrative Medicine 2018 (ASD Unpacked)

Eversdal Primary Interest Group Meeting June 2018 (ADD and Diet)

Be More Health Conscious Conference September 2017 (Optimising Neurological Development in Challenged Children)

LEGGS Parent Support Group Stellenbosch August 2017 (Diagnosis, Diet and Supplements in Children)

Brackenfell GP Talk June 2017 (Omega 3 and Inflammation)

AFA Conference October 2012 (Autism: Practical South African Solutions)

Speaker Pokkelmander Open Day September 2012 (ADHD and diet)

Speaker Con Amoré School August 2012 (Looking at Autistic Spectrum Disorders)

Speaker CPC/Qualicare Open Day 9 June 2012

Guest Speaker  at the HSA Cape Regional Meeting August 2011

Speaker at Star Academy/Great Plains Laboratory Workshop August 2011

Speaker at the Autism is Treatable Conference Cape Town July 2011

Keynote Speaker at the Tomatis International Summit May 2011

Keynote Speaker at the Autism Towards The Future Conference Johannesburg March 2011

Discussion Panel member Challenging Children Conference 2010

Speaker Autism Is Treatable Conference Johannesburg and Cape Town 2008

Lecturer SA Faculty of Homeopathy


Dr Louise Lindenberg runs an integrative medical practice in Durbanville, Cape Town. She incorporates dietary intervention, supplementation, nutrition, phytotherapy/herbal medicine, and allopathic medicine in a holistic health care environment. Her passion is working with children on the Autistic Spectrum, including Autism, PDD, ADD, ADHD and behavioural problems.

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