Integrative Medicine



Treatment is conducted through a clinical examination of the patient, taking into account the patient’s history and a customised treatment plan is then discussed with the patient.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is based on a partnership between the patient and the practitioner, within which conventional and alternative modalities may be used to stimulate the body’s healing response. It shifts the orientation of medicine from one of disease to one of healing.

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  • All new patients should complete a new patient intake form. (See download link below)
  • Patients settle their account on the day of consultation. The practice accepts cash and credit cards and patient will be provided with a detailed statement. The practice does not liaise with any medical aids and the patient is responsible for submitting the provided statement to their own medical aid for reimbursement.



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Dr Louise Lindenberg runs an integrative medical practice in Durbanville, Cape Town. She incorporates dietary intervention, supplementation, nutrition, phytotherapy/herbal medicine, and allopathic medicine in a holistic health care environment. Her passion is working with children on the Autistic Spectrum, including Autism, PDD, ADD, ADHD and behavioural problems.

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